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Hayzel“We purchased Hayzel, a female chocolate lab from Randy & Debi a week ago. They are very responsive and were ready to answer all questions we had. Hayzel is such a delight! She was crate trained already and was ready to play fetch as soon as we got home! Our previous lab died last year at 12 years old and we were finally ready for our next lab. Best dogs ever! Hayzel is a sweetie and so smart. Our two daughters love playing with her and our 4 year old English Pointer has a new sister! We can't wait to take her out hunting after all of her shots. Thank you for helping to add a new member to our family! Love,”
— The Ange Family

Tank“When our chocolate Duke passed away two years ago (2016) we knew it would have to be the perfect match before we got another dog. We knew we wanted another chocolate, and in 2017 we started looking again. We just couldn't find a breeder that we truly loved. Then in June 2018 my sister tagged me in a Facebook post with two of the most beautiful chocolates we'd ever seen. We contacted Debi on Friday, and had our baby Tank on Sunday, Fathers Day. Debi and Randy were amazing. Met us in Bakersfield so we didn't have to deal with L.A.traffic. We knew they were the right breeders and that Tank was the right puppy for us. He is the sweetest boy, our two daughters love him as do we. We will always trust Pacific Flyway Labradors.”
— The Paulson Family

Tonks“Wouldn't buy a Chocolate Labrador from anyone else!

Our 18-year-old daughter wanted a Chocolate Lab when she graduated from High School. We already had a male boxer in the house, who we adopted when he was three. Before him, we had purchased a Vizsla puppy, who was definitely not a good fit for our family. After the trauma of living with that dog, I was not anxious to have another puppy in the house. However, when my husband, who was well-acquainted with Randy, heard that his and Debbie’s dog had a litter of Chocolate Lab pups who would be ready for their new homes in time for our daughter’s graduation, it seemed meant to be.

Debbie invited us over to spend time with the puppies on several occasions, so my daughter could take her time in choosing one. Both Debbie and Randy knew that we were not interested in taking our Labrador hunting. We were looking for a dog that would be affectionate and love family life in urban Huntington Beach. During our visits, it was obvious that Debbie was investing a lot of time interacting with the puppies and had great insight into their individual personalities. With her guidance, my daughter picked out a puppy that has far exceeded any of our family’s hopes and expectations.

Tonks (named after a character in Harry Potter), is not only a gorgeous female Lab, she is well-tempered, affectionate, athletic, playful, social, and intelligent. She excelled in her puppy training class, always the first dog to learn each command. Even the dog trainer was amazed! Tonks gets along very well with our boxer, as well as any other dogs she comes into contact with.

Tonks is a cherished member of our family and has brought much joy to our daughter. We are all very grateful to both Debbie and Randy for being such responsible and caring breeders. To anyone interested in this breed, you needn’t look any further. With their years of breeding expertise, quality bloodlines, and the personal care and devotion they give each puppy, Debbie and Randy should be your exclusive choice.”
— Susan Palmer

“I cannot say enough good things about our breeder and our dog Kona. She is a year now and is just absolutely beautiful! She is a family dog and is in love with our now two and three year old girls. They wrestle all of the the time and she is so gentle she knows to take care of them and has a very gentle bite. Our three year old can command her to sit and stay and she listens. Her hearing is very sharp, she is the best guard dog we could ever ask for. She is very familiar with our neighbors and those that normally approach our home but always warns us when anyone else is near bye. She loves to swim and could play fetch all day! You can tell she has good genes and joints and an instinct to be a working dog. She is eager to work and play. She has met chickens, a pig, small dogs and large dogs and has been kind to all. We cannot speak highly enough of Debi and Randy. Debi let us see the litter multiple times and allowed us to choose our puppy. She also helped us vaccinate our puppy and was there every step of the way. We were also fortunate to meet the parents. Truly an amazing breeder! Our girls are truly blessed to have "Our Kona" Thank you Randy and Debi!”
— Paula Meddaugh

Shasta & Sierra“The end of November 2015 my son Matt brought Sierra home. We were so impressed with how smart, and wiling to learn she was we decided that we needed another one of KoKo and Grizzly’s pups so Sierra would have a friend. So in 2016 we added Shasta to our family. Debi and Randy have been great to work with and we feel that they have the best Labradors available. Matt and I are training our dogs for hunting and look forward to take Sierra for her first hunt within the next month. Debi is the lover and Randy is the hunter so you have the best of both worlds with their puppies early training.”
— Jim Eyerman

Chloe“I want to thank you both so much for making my experience of picking-out & picking-up my new baby girl puppy, that I am calling Chloe. Debi you and your husband both were very professional & so helpful. You went out of your way to be kind to me. You were very caring to not only me but with all the dogs.

Debi I was delighted when you called to see if we made it home ok from our long drive back to SB . Then when you asked me "do you love her?" I liked you all the more. Meeting you & your family felt like I was making new friends. The entire experience went so smoothly & comfortably I know that it was meant to be.

Now I have a new Love in my life to care for & dote over. She will surely be well looked after. I am not only a happier person but a better person having this little darling in my life. She seems happy here & so full of life. She is very smart & loves to play. I couldn't ask for a better dog nor a better total experience thanks to you.

With lots of love to you & all Chloe's sisters & brothers & Momma & PaPa dogs I will say good bye for now. Best Regards,”
— Patty Zaffuto

Charlie“As soon as we found Pacific Flyway on-line, we knew a chocolate labrador was soon to be part of our family. We couldn't ask for a better dog than our chocolate lab Charlie. At 2 months he learned sit, down, inside, fetch, let go, and shake (paw). He has also been introduced to water and will definitely be a great swimmer! Although Charlie is a momma's boy, he enjoys playtime with our 5 year-old boy. Our family is super excited to see what else Charlie learns in the months to come. We especially want to thank Randy and Debi for their hard work and dedication in breeding quality chocolate labs. If anyone is looking for a smart, obedient, and skillful dog, we definitely recommend Pacific Flyway Labradors!”
— The Lopez Family

Penny“We love our Penny girl! She is just the sweetest pup! She LOVES water...which is great because her sister, Rookie, does too! We swim all the time! She is going to be a big girl...she is almost 50 lbs now at 6 months! She brings tons of joy into our lives and we couldn't imagine life without her! Thank you, guys!”
— Villasenor Family

Zeus “I've been looking for a good hunting chocolate lab for quite a while, and found Pacific Flyway Labs on a hunting forum. I contacted a few breeders, but Randy and Debi replied to me first, and the quickest. Both Randy and Debi, were super friendly, very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I really wanted a good hunt breed with a good bloodline and after doing a little research, I felt very confident about Pacific Flyway. We picked up Zeus on Thanksgiving weekend 2015, instantly the family and I fell in love with him. After the first week, Zeus was already going into his kennel with no hesitation. Zeus also picked up the sit command on his second week with me. Since then I've been working with him every day, putting in quality time with the wing and bumpers. At 4 months now, he's responding extremely well to whistle commands, retrieves and brings back to my hands. Currently working doubles with him and he's picking that up very well. His nose is incredible, working and hiding the wings he's had no problem finding them. At then end of December I worked him in water, and he went crazy, he was extremely excited to be in it, and retrieving in it as well. Honestly could not be any happier with my decision to get a pup from Pacific Flyway! Zeus is the smartest dog I've ever owned, and he's just a great looking dog too. Lots of people have commented on Zeus' abilities and have commented of how smart he is, with that I've recommended Randy and Debi to a few of my friends (and strangers) that now would like a pup from Pacific Flyway because of what they've seen. Again thank you Debi and Randy!”
— Lawrence Lopez

Peyton“Our family had been considering getting a chocolate lab for over about a year and a half. We found Debi and Randy online and went to their house to visit all the puppies. We fell in love immediately. All of them were so cute… we had a difficult time selecting which puppy. We visited again the following week and with the help of our boys, Max and Mateo, selected Peyton. She is 4 months old now, and is amazing! Our family is having so much fun with her! She absolutely loves people, is extremely intelligent and is very playful.”
— Diana Rivera

Tucker“I would like to share my story about my new family member by the name of Tucker. So my wife and I had decided that we would like to add a family member to our family and we thought a lab would make a great family member and also I was looking for a hunting dog. So I contacted a few people looking for a good breeder that was not about the money someone who cares about the breed and only breeds good dogs. Well I contacted a place that I was interested in and they email me one time then never email me back I felt like they were just gonna waste my time. I contacted Pacific Flyway Labradors and they emailed me back right away and only had a female available at the time I was looking for a male and it turned out someone couldn't get the male they wanted due to moving issues so they contacted me back and told me they had a male available. I was excited and asked for pics. I fell in love immediately . They did me a great favor in the 2 weeks they held him. Randy was a great person and taught him to sit, started him on kennel training and even got him retrieving a duck wing. I just want to thank Randy and Debi very much. They are great people and breed great dogs. My puppy is so smart and will be a great hunter and even a field trial dog. He already is going to his first splash dog contest at 4 months and a couple days. I would recommend to anyone to buy a puppy form Pacific Flyway Labradors.”
— The Marble Family

Tule image“We truly love Tule. She has been an excellent dog so far. Easily house-trained. Kennel Trained. Never gone to the bathroom in her kennel. Loves to swim. She will retrieve in the pool all day if we let her. She is approximately 50lbs. I will attach a current picture of her for you. As far as training, she has been very easy to train. She absolutely goes crazy over the duck wing. There is a definite difference when she is retrieving the wing instead of the toy or ball. She has excellent eye contact. She will be going to training in December so I should have more updates on her hunting ability then, but for now I am really excited about her potential. Thanks again.”
— Mario

“I purchased two dogs from Randy and Debi at Pacific Flyaway Labs. Let me start by saying that I don’t hunt, but when I started shopping for dogs, I wanted hunt dogs based on their intelligence. I found Pacific Flyaway Labs on Gun Dog Central. I was lucky enough to contact Pacific Flyaway Labs about one week after puppies being whelped. I got to meet the puppies a couple of weeks after that and was immediately impressed with the dogs and the breeder. The sire and dam were beautiful, accomplished, and extremely well behaved. It was very obvious to me that this family loved dogs, and was raising puppies in their home with care and devotion. Debi did a great job of matching my family up with dogs that met our needs. I got to see my puppies every couple of weeks, and continued to see the attention to detail placed on this litter by Randy and Debi. No puppy mill here. They made sure my dogs were healthy, and even continued to be available for vaccinations after I took them home. My dogs, Max and Lola, have been a great addition to my family. Randy and Debi did not let me down. Max and Lola are extremely intelligent, great with my kids, eager to please, and very handsome. They display natural hunting instincts, and are easy to train. I could not be happier with my selection in breed or breeder. Debi is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. They take pride in their dogs. I want to say that I would recommend Pacific Flyaway Labs to anyone who is looking for an excellent family pet, or a great hunting dog. Thank you Randy and Debi. Pacific Flyaway Labs are the best!”
— Duron Family

“My dad and I decided we wanted to get a Lab and train it for hunting both waterfowl and upland game. So we began our search and found Debi and Randy with Pacific Flyway Labradors. After contacting them through email and asking if they had any female puppies available, we received a quick response from Debi saying they had a new litter with 4 females. There were three other people in line ahead of us so we would get last pick. I went up to see the puppies a few days later when they were 6 weeks, and all puppies were absolutely adorable. Honestly, I would have been happy with any of them so picking last ended up making the decision easier. Debi and Randy were both very helpful and professional with information and suggestions. This was going to be the first dog we would be training as a bird dog so the information was very helpful. I also got to meet Koko and Grizzly, who were the parents of the litter, and both dogs were beautiful. I picked the puppy up at 8 weeks old. We have had our little pup Sierra for about a week now, and she has already become part of the family. We are very impressed with how intelligent and easy to train this pup has been so far. After a week she is already doing very well with house and crate training. It is amazing how quickly she is picking up on new things. She is very playful as well as a great companion and house pet. We are very pleased and would recommend Debi and Randy as breeders to anyone looking for a great hunting companion or family pet! Thank you again Debi and Randy!”
— Matt Eyerman